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About Me

Hello!!! I am glad you are here. 


I am a Navy wife and a mother of two. I love to create beautful things for my family and friends, and even myself. I sew garments, complete lots of do-it-yourself projects, and draw and paint. Yes that seems like a lot but these are hobbies that I have been able to carry with me from Military Station to Military Station. I began my sewing journey when I had my first child. She has always been a lean and tall child, so store bought clothing never fit correctly. It was never flattering or comfortable. My second child is no different. This shop is geared to guide those with the same issues to create beautiful garments and decor items for their little ones, their families, their friends and even for themselves. 


The Fabric and Crafts Shop LLC strives to supply quality items for the imaginative and creative. This is a space where we can share what we create, inspire others to create, and where we can help one another. The shop supplies fabrics from numerous quality manufacturers, art supplies for all skill levels, and tools for specialty crafters. These products are quality materials not typically sold at big box stores. You also get the expertise of someone who actually uses these products, so that if you have any questions they can be answered. 


Feel Free to Email me at thefabricandcraftsshop@gmail.com with any requests or questions about any projects you  are trying to complete. It may even make the shop's blog. 

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